Open Gym For Athletes


Supervised athlete training for 8th grade and above between the hours of 8:30 am- 12pm and 3pm- 8:30 pm which will give ultimate flexibility during the  year for training.  At Team Taf we have created a hard working environment that not only helps to build athletes physically but mentally as well.  The idea behind open gym is that athletes  can come in during a time that fits their schedule and coaches will be available to guide and teach them as they go through a pre-written work out. This is how college programs are structured and we feel it gives athletes a understanding of how to push themselves to achieve their maximum potential and is great preparation for entering college.  It is only 150.00 dollars per month and they can come as often as they want.  The idea of getting trained by an Elite coach and only having to pay the price of a membership is a deal that can’t be passed up.


Monday-Friday – 8:30am-12pm & 3pm-8:30pm

Saturday  – 8:30am-12pm

Sunday – Available for private sessions or group training

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