2015 Summer Training

bench.jpgSummer 2015 – Strength & Performance Training

Water Sports / Track & Field / Cross Country (8-9am) June 15 – August 7
This program will focus on speed, strength and power, which are all key elements for success. Our goal is to help develop each athlete to achieve his or her best.

Field Sports (9-10:15am) June 15 – August 7
This uniquely designed program for baseball, softball, soccer, golf, and wrestling, focuses on the specific movements needed for each sport. The athlete will develop strength, power, quickness and agility to take their game to the next level.

Court Sports (10-11:15am) June 15 – August 7
This training program for basketball, volleyball and tennis will help develop strength, power, and speed. The techniques needed to be an explosive athlete on the court.

Youth Athlete Development Training (12:00-1:00pm) June 15 – August 7
This highly comprehensive and specialized training program for student-athletes in grades 6-8th is specifically engineered to maximize developmentally based properties of athleticism to give every player – regardless of sport – the tools necessary to reach their maximum athletic ability. Divided into two specific programs, Movement and Strength, each class is a positive developmental atmosphere focused on achieving successful athletic experiences for years to come.

Total Athletic Fitness (11:00am-12:00pm) June 15 – August 7
Adult training focusing on the body to achieve a lean muscular fit physique maximizing, muscle strength, power and endurance. Total Athletic Fitness will develop the participant’s ability to enjoy any activity desired. This brand of training is intended for all levels of participants to make their life outside the gym greater than imagined. Based on a cross training methodology where an athlete will incorporate weights, cardiovascular and plyometric movements into each workout. Every workout is self paced and easily modified. Every Wednesday is a swim workout.

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