Why Choose Team Taf?

humanperformancecenter-(122-of-169).jpgWhy Choose Team TAF?

We are the bay area’s top training center for everything athletes need to succeed. We know how the body needs to be trained to achieve its maximum potential. We have worked non-stop to provide a service that has produced nothing but amazing results. Our unique ability to help any type of athlete is what keeps us growing every day. Our trained professionals focus on each of our clients’ individual goals to help them reach that elite level of athleticism.

Team TAF is the premier human performance center for all-around athlete development, nutrition, and sensory development training in Northern California.  Home to all athletes from JH future stars to professional athletes, PLUS everyone looking to make their life’s fitness goals a reality.

Mission Statement

To provide the best in athlete development, nutrition, and sport specific movements. At Team TAF we provide each athlete with the tools perform at the next level, to excel beyond all expectation and achieve every goal set for themselves.


Just Believe: no matter what your goal, no matter the obstacle you face if your heart and mind stay true to just believe you can reach every goal.


Team TAF applies multiple training systems that generate Maximum results. The A+ team of specialists and former pro athletes will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level. Team TAF is solely dedicated to helping you maximize your potential by:

  • Improving performance (career productivity)
  • Decreasing injury potential (career longevity)
  • Motivating through education (strategies for success)
  • Helping you achieve your goals is our passion and priority. Every Team TAF program places a major emphasis on the educational components of training. Only by understanding our specific training methods, and how each applies to your sport, can you truly achieve greater success

Always strive to be your absolute best!

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