Quarterback University

“To be the best you MUST out work the rest.”


Coach Adam Tafralis has devoted his career to learning and perfecting the concepts of how to play the quarterback position. After years of studying the body, he has developed a program that guarantees to increase a QB’s maximum power, strength, quick twitch movements and ability to take over a game mentally and physically. These tools will directly affect a QB’s speed on drop backs, velocity on the ball, balance and control when scrambling, play action abilities and decision making throughout an entire game.  Ideally located in Northern California, QB U is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities that allows for year-round training.  The most important factor of QB U is the Elite coaching staff ( Trent Dilfer, Adam Tafralis, Nike Elite 11)  which is recognized as the best in the nation at developing all levels of Quarterbacks.  QB U is filled with all ages (ages 9 & up) and continues to produce pro-bowlers, draft picks, 5-star recruits, MVP’s, all-state award winners and most importantly Championships.  At Quarterback U, we are focused on making each and every one of our members the best they can be to give them the most opportunities to achieve their goals.  This program has two major focuses for every QB. One is to mature the body and mind, so that no matter what obstacle comes one can work through it, learn from it and be become that much better because of it. Number two is to make direct connections from drills to on the field play, so that every drill has a purpose and at Quarterback U all of our drills directly transfer onto the field.


Areas of emphasis

– Throwing mechanics

– Increasing foot speed in and out of the pocket

– Maintaining a wide balanced base

– Relaxed upper body, fast lower body

– Consistent throwing motion and follow through

– Understanding of defensive coverage and leverage

– Route combinations and read progression

– Heightening of awareness and feel in the pocket


At Quarterback U, we have several options to choose from including:

1 on 1 – U15 – Varsity – College – NFL Combine Prep – Clinics

Now is the time to take your game to the next level!


100 Skyway Dr. San Jose, CA 95111

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